I Write Because…

I have been writing personal blogs for quite some time. My first blog was at http://norshafawati.blog.friendster.com before I moved to http://norshafawati.blogspot.com. As you can see, these are all writings about my personal life, including travels.

And then when social media trends become powerful, I have another blog that links directly to my instagram at http://norshafawati.tumblr.com. Let’s just assume that is my social blog.

When I got married, my husband and I found out that we liked the same thing: travel, food & experiences. Combining his interest in photography and my interest in writing, we decided to build a couple blog at http://jenjalankami.wordpress.com.

Having been using WordPress for quite some time, I realised that I can do more at this platform. And what’s better, I’ve been participating in some course and challenges organised at WordPress. So now I’ve decided to move my personal blog from my Blogspot account to this WordPress account.

To keep me writing, I will participate this blog into the Writing101 challenge. I may be 1 week behind time, but I will catch up!

The theme of this blog will be about Life, Language & Leukemia. Life, of course, is because this is my personal blog. Language is because I want to share with the world (and commit myself) about my languages learning. Leukemia is to ensure that I gain & share more knowledge on Leukemia, since my father is a patient, so that I can be of support to him and to others.

Till then!
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