Knowledge is Power – My 1st knowledge sharing in pregnancy

It’s been months again since my last post. Probably because I had a lot to learn and catch up for my 1st pregnancy, juggling also with work, business and matters related to arwah Ayah. Yes, you heard me right… I am pregnant! Alhamdulillah. 🙂 I am currently at my 30th week of pregnancy (yes, that’s right, I have less than 10 weeks left before my due date!). Let’s pray that I have a healthy pregnancy and all through birth and after birth, insya-Allah.

People who are close to me would know that I am a total junk for knowledge. I read and make sure that I gain enough knowledge about every single thing that happens in my life. Before I made a career move to Automotive industry, particularly in operations, production and order planning, I equipped myself with knowledge and terms related to this industry. I invested in a book related to manufacturing & planning (no kidding!). I also invested in a book how to mentally and physically prepared for an industry dominated mostly by men (in this case, i read book about Karen Brady).  I did the same thing before I went for interview at my 1st job in the Retail and Hypermarket industry. I invested in books about Retailing and Merchandise Planning, considering I was previously trained in Accounting and was not fully prepared to move to Commercial line (traditionally, I should’ve just go to audit firms, financial institutions or at least in Finance department at any commercial firms.. but no, I decided to have a career in commercial & operations). Seriously, it was such a big help!

Even in my personal life, I like to read things about almost everything. When my dad was diagnosed Leukemia, I read every single things that I could about Leukemia. I even bought e-book on Chemo Cookery Club (a book suggesting recipes for people undergoing chemotheraphy.. because seriously when people with Cancer took Cytotoxic medication such as Hydroxycarbamide, their taste buds will go wayyyy down!).

When I started operating my online retail business, I bought e-books and attended classes related to online business (some are weekend, some are weekday, and some are online). Even before I started my private home tutoring business back in university years, I invested in books, all about tutoring, from how to start up to planning for class and making profits, as well as how to teach effectively. Not to mention that I have both books and e-books about financial planning, travelling, writing, language (I have language books ranging from English, Arabic, Mandarin, French, Italian and Spanish), marriage, religion, cooking recipes, sewing projects and almost everything else. Yes, I feel like my house is a mini library! Now you know why I never finish reading my novels – because it always falls on 2nd priority to everything else! :p

So, just like every other events in my life, I also invested in knowledge about pregnancy. Yes, I’ve subscribed to free readings online, such as Baby Centre (which I read a few minutes every weekend in between job and business – it’s not easy to have a full time job, part time business and a being a pregnant wife!). I have also invested in books (as usual), which I managed to finish it one by one. However, to make myself disciplined in gaining this knowledge seriously, I also registered myself (and husband) for a birth class during my middle of pregancy. In our case, we registered for AMANI birth class – 10 sessions of classes over the weekend with 3 hours for each session. And how we feel so grateful to have been attending this class. Such an eye opener, especially for a 1st time mom!

It’s amazing how I never knew about AMANI birth class before I searched for birth classes, and when I told people I’m going to AMANI birth class, people were amazed and was thinking I am considering home birth. Seriously people, do I look like someone who wants to birth at home? But I don’t blame them, people usually don’t read in details, and always hear stories and pass it around without understanding further. So that’s where the misconceptions come. People, if there is one thing that I would like you to understand from my blog post today is that, AMANI birth class is not about having a home birth!

Instead, AMANI birth class focuses on gentle birth. Aha, this is another controversial word, again for people who didn’t read in detail. Gentle birth doesn’t necessarily mean you totally ignore doctor’s advise and do whatever you want during birth and totally don’t care about your health & baby’s health as long as you get the kind of birth you want. Gentle birth is about to have a birth as natural and drug-free as much as possible, with minimal intervention, in normal conditions. Of course, if you have complications and when serious health is at risk, there is a tolerance for medical intervention.

In order to achieve this, AMANI birth class covers a lot of modules that focuses not only for the mothers, but also birth partner (person that will accompany you during birth, usually the husband). Below are the modules that we learnt throughout the class:

  1. Mother’s Needs in Pregnancy
  2. Mother’s Needs in Labor and Birth
  3. Birth Team Roles
  4. Making the Birth Plan
  5. Physiology of Pregnancy
  6. Stages of Labor
  7. Overview of Labor and Birth
  8. After Birth Care
  9. Pregnancy Excercise
  10. Pregnancy Nutrition
  11. Birthing Positions
  12. Labor Practice
  13. The Purpose of Labor
  14. Working with Your Body
  15. Complications
  16. Minimizing Medical Interference
  17. The Role of Hormones
  18. Protecting Your Birth Environment
  19. Intuition
  20. Breastfeeding and Baby Care

There you go. Does it look like a home birth class? Absolutely not, dear people. Infact, it prepares you mentally & physically throughout pregnancy and birth, with the hopes that you will have a healthy pregnancy, healthy birth, and healthy baby, insya-Allah.

After sharing what I learnt in classes, and from readings, to some of the family members, I come to realise that many mothers are interested to gain knowledge about pregnancy and birth, but didn’t have the time to do so, especially when they have kids. With this in mind, I feel the need and the spirit to write to share my learnings with the world.

Insya-Allah I will share more things in my next blog post!

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