Vacuum Delivery, 2nd Degree Tear, Episiotomy & Jaundice

It’s been 10 weeks since I gave birth. I meant to continue writing immediately after birth to share my experience, considering many was touched and learnt something from my previous post. But yes, motherhood takes over most of my time.

I know people say motherhood is a tough journey, and I thought I’m already a tough person to be prepared for it. Boy, was I ever so wrong in my whole life. It was so tough that sometimes I’m almost giving up on my non negotiable plans & principles, but it comes with satisfaction when you toughen your heart & follow your plan, no matter what people say. Because in the end, you know you have done your research well, and you have some people that understand, had the same experience and support you. And I thank God to have blessed me with these few people throughout my journey. 

There’s a lot to share, but let me share my experience bit by bit.

If there are 2 things that I would like people to gain knowledge immediately after birth, it’s jaundice & engorgement. Why? Because they are common problems, and they were the first problems I encountered in my motherhood journey. And they are well-related. But let’s keep that for the next post.

Although I had a normal birth, there was still an intervention – the gynae used vacuum at the end of my push. I can’t remember the exact reason (I was busy pushing!), but I remember they were saying something about changes colour & baby already poo (meconium?) and I did not push fast enough, so my gynae helped me by using vacuum. 

Considering baby’s safety, we allowed the gynae to use the vacuum. Alhamdulillah, baby was delivered shortly afterwards. But my gynae did warn us right after delivery that there’s a high chance that our baby will develop jaundice due to the use of vacuum in delivery. 

Because we opted for maternity package, I stayed at the hospital for 3 days 2 nights. Although a bit costly, I never regretted making the decision. First, because I get to rest well (the nurses was doing all the baby work!). Second, I gained a lot of knowledge from the nurses, gynae, pediatrician & lactation counsellor. My baby was in the room with me all the time, so I was basically a happy mother! If there is 1 thing I’m glad about our choice of birthing environment, it’s that we chose a baby-friendly hospital. That way, I will always know that my baby will never ever touch any formula milk while at the hospital, and will never be fed by bottles. I was a happy fully-breastfeeding mother!

I had a 2nd Degree tear and an episiotomy to allow the vacuum intervention. Yes, I did state a big NO to episiotomy in my birth plan, but somehow I gave in, probably worried about the baby? My husband was about to say no, but I told him it’s ok. When you are delivering a baby, it’s easy to forget your core principles, especially if you’re worried about your baby. My advice to mothers-to-be out there, please do really question the gynae on the necessity of the episiotomy. If it’s not really necessary, say no! It’s not really painful and it doesn’t take long to recover. However, do bear in mind that episiotomy cuts through your MUSCLE. I don’t really like the idea. Plus, you can do some research for yourself the pros and cons of episiotomy. More cons if you ask me. But nevertheless, I’m one of the lucky few that the episiotomy heals quite fast, so no complaints there. 

Anyhows, my stay at the hospital was quite pleasant. For those having tears and episiotomy, just wash the private part with water only, it’s sufficient enough. Also please pat it dry before you wear your pants on, and always make sure you change your pad regularly. Those are the tips for easy recovery.

Oh, and please don’t hold your toilet business. I know it can be painful, but you have to pass your motion for your own health, too. I poop early next morning after delivery. He he.

And when the 3rd day come, Aydeen was checked for jaundice. He had a mild one, so the pediatrician let us go home & monitor by ourselves. He said the key to recovery are: frequent breastfeeding, a lot of skin-to-skin and NON DIRECT sunlight for only 5-10 minutes in between 8.30am to 11.30am. BUKAN BERJEMUR bawah matahari ya. And no herbs, please, until your child is declared out of jaundice! That includes all your jamu, ladies! Dan segala macam masakan berempah, termasuk halia, kena elak. Make sure you educate your parents & parents-in-law on this.

I will share further on jaundice and another problem I had in my next post

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