The Early-Days Jaundice

Aydeen just turned 8 months last week, yeyy! Big boy dah! 🙂
It was a very challenging journey, these 8 months, and many that I feel so excited to share my experience & knowledge with others!

But let’s start with something that I promised in my previous post: jaundice.

Yes, Aydeen was a typical O-type blood that people say easily get jaundice, especially he was delivered vacuum.

When he was having jaundice, I received LOADS of advice from different people. All were with good intention, no doubt. But dear new mothers (and even the experienced ones), always, always, always prep your mind for motherhood with knowledge, determination & seek advise from professionals or mothers that have the same goals.

One of the well-intentioned people shared with me a real-life story, which I believe she wanted me to follow, by topping up with FM & give baby to drink every 1 hour (thank God I did not follow)! And also shared me scary story about an infant that was affected by jaundice. Maybe to scare me so that I follow her advice? :p

Well, different mothers will have different views, but I was determined not too introduce FM too early unless necessary, so I ignored. Plus, the pediatrician supported me to full breastfeed during his jaundice, so what’s best advise than listen to a professional? 🙂

Aydeen’s jaundice was only for a short while, so there was no really big deal, except for the constant monitoring. We also ensure he gets his INDIRECT morning sunlight for 5 minutes (lepak dgn kucing depan rumah bawah bumbung je) every morning.

Alhamdulillah, efforts paid off! 🙂

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