Dealing with Engorgement


Only people who face it knows how painful it is, and how stressful it is to the mother. It feels so heavy, so full, and so hard like rock, and it becomes so sensitive. I’ve never felt that kind of pain before in my life.
Imagine, on the early days after labor, I was engorged about every 1.5 hours after feeding my baby. Just about when my baby is suppose to feed, I got engorged. Great. And they say don’t feed a child when you have engorgement. What should I do?

The nurses at KPJ advised me to pump every time I feel full. For myself, that’s every 1 hour. I don’t have that high determination to pump every hour! Though I regret it now. If only I fully understand the concept of demand vs supply back then. If only I took advantage of my pain of having engorgement every 1.5 hours by pumping milk, I would have relaxed more in pumping afterwards. I pumped out 3oz per session on my 3rd day post labour, I wonder what will be my supply now if I pump religiously at that time.

So how did I deal with engorgement?

Trick passed to me by the nurses: fill in hot water into the milk storage bottle (not too hot, just nice temperature), roll it over on miss B & massage on the lump areas. That’s where the milk are kept (you may want to put bottle or towel below, it will drip!). As it softens, pump the milk out.

You see, depending on your baby’s demand and the capacity of miss B, you may have little output after pump. Don’t worry so much, your baby gets enough milk!

I will share with you the experience I had when pumping, feeding my baby and hearing some demotivating words from people, but let’s keep it for next post!

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