Not Enough Milk?


As a breastfeeding mother, the most heartbreaking thing you will hear from others is “I don’t think you have enough milk. The baby cries every hour!”

People, this is especially heartbreaking for postpartum mothers, especially new mothers. And do you know by saying that, you are not just demotivating the mother, but also you are spreading a wrong fact?

I am lucky to have been so stubborn, (stubborn with reasons, because I learn from other mothers, and read).
Do you know that it’s NORMAL for newborns to be hungry every hour, because their stomach is so small, and that breastmilk is easily digested? It’s PERFECTLY NORMAL, so don’t you ever say to any breastfeeding mother that their milk is not enough because their babies cry every hour. I swear if ever heard anyone saying this to any mother, they will feel my wrath! Ok, I got overboard. Ha ha! But I know the feeling, and it is so sad that it makes some mothers believe with the fact and allow their babies to go for formula milk at a very young age, even when there is no necessity to do so!

And it’s also normal that newborns can go breastfeeding for 2 hours or more in a session. They are not doing it for fun. It’s called growth spurt. They really need it to grow. Don’t ever thought that they’re just sleeping at your breast & you need to take them off. For God sake people, they are babies! They don’t know how to trick people!

Ok, enough of this emotional topic. Lesson learnt: there is always enough milk for your baby, unless your paedatrician advises otherwise.

Next post, i’ll share with you the hard work it takes to pump for your baby when you are going back to work. Till then!

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