Preparation for Introducing Solid

Many mothers asked me on recipes that I was feeding Aydeen to make him so excited to eat.

Well, I may be lucky, probably it was his traits. But I am a firm believer of “getting prepared for everything “. So, I have actually bought 3 books on introducing solid: 1 book on puree-based food, 1 book on baby-led weaning, and 1 book on mixed puree + baby-led.

At first, I was determined to go for fully baby-led, since I was breastfeeding Aydeen on demand. But when actual day comes , I turned to mixed puree + baby-led.

I was actually quite thankful that I bought the books. It gave me knowledge about what to feed, when to feed and how much to feed, though in reality Aydeen turns out eating twice (sometimes triple) the portion suggested. I was worried at first, because I heard some friends having advice from doctors to slow down the food intake due to nearing obese line. But thankfully Aydeen was born small, so paediatrician was happy he was catching up on his growth!

The books also guided me on normal breastfeed / milk intake, as well as nutritious food options. There was also an advice on transitting from bottle to cup. I have religiously followed, and I am happily declaring that Aydeen now is a pro of drinking milk from a sippy cup. No more bottles! He was drinking milk fully from sippy cup at roughly 9 months. Well done, Aydeen!

And Aydeen is also currently drinking plain water from the normal open cup. He has been doing so since 10 months. So I am targeting to let Aydeen drinks milk from open cup when he is 1 year & ditch the sippy cup. Horray!!!

Straw? Ah, probably train him after he is pro at open cup. After all, he is now pro at chewing & can say words like “ibu”, “ayah”, “dah”, “cat” and some animal sounds and baby words. So not much pressure to introduce straw.

But on top of all these, the main learning that I get from the books is the eating culture. Making the feeding time fun and attractive. And it is the time of bonding with family, eating together & socialising during mealtime. A perception & value that we need to instill at a very early age to make it become part of them.

Hence the picture I upload with this article. It was a picture when Aydeen was 5 months. In preparation to introduce him solid at 6 months, we started to have him sitting with us together during mealtime at 5 months. When he was showing the interest on our food, we first gave him empty bowl & spoon to play with. And yes, now Aydeen likes to take the spoon from my hand to feed himself. At least some baby-led weaning training! He he.

OK, recipes in next post. Too tired to write now. Till then!

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