3 Reasons Why I Fall in Love With Babywearing

Babywearing. I never knew this word exists, until I was pregnant. And as I was going around looking for baby supplies, just like what every other mothers would do, I was given a free book from one of the stores, saying that the owner of the store gives away the book for free. The title was: Babywearing Made Simple, written by Adrianna Thani.

I immediately fall in love with the book. And I slowly fall in love with the concept of baby wearing, especially when Aydeen was born.

1. It soothes a High Need Baby

Every single person that meets Aydeen today would say how easygoing and friendly Aydeen is. I am definitely happy as a mother, and the struggles I had to go through back when he was smaller feels worth every effort.

Aydeen was (and is still) a high need baby. He is very vocal on what he wants. And he definitely knows how to make people do it his way. It is his personality, his temperament.

Back when he was a newborn, Aydeen always cried high pitch, easily wakes up to every sound and gets mad about it, and is hard to put to sleep. Even when he was full, even when we checked there’s no wind, even when we tried everything. My maid, who had experience taking care of my brother’s and my sister’s baby, tried babywearing to put him to sleep. And it worked!

And so since then, I bought my own instant sling and wear Aydeen whenever he’s not in the mood. Works all the time!

2. It Gives You Free Hands To Do Your House Chores

Baby crying everytime you’re not beside him? He needs to sleep while you’re still waiting for your rendang to dry? Babywearing is the answer! Free hands, definitely!

3. It Widens Your Options to Travel

No need to search for stroller-friendly locations. No heartbroken at transit airports when your stroller is not with you. Best carry options at bazaars and places loaded with people!

Share this and spread the love of babywearing!

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  1. whatasweetjourney says:

    Love this! I’m a babywearing mama myself and I don’t know hobo would manage without it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally! It saves us mothers in a whole lot if situation! 🙂


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