Top 3 Ways Blogging Great Content That People Love


You had your free time after the baby sleeps. You turned on your phone. You wrote. You published. And one day after, your blog post was only read by three people (if any). You were dumbfounded.

With so many blogs out there, how do we make sure readers read our blog? Below are the key things:

1. Create useful content

Different people may find different blogs useful. Here’s a few examples.

A busy engineer with kids at home may be so stressed out with his life, that he wanted a blog that is less serious and entertaining. It could be blogs that humours, or relating their interests, such as football.

A new mom, on the other hand, may have a newborn that refuse to nurse or sleep, and she wants to know why. So she searches blogs that are related to her problems and how to solve it.

So what should you do? Research your readership. Analyse how many people are reading your blogs, and which types of blog posts attract them the most. You will find your way.

2. Make your content unique

How many travel blogs have you read? How many mom blogs have you read? I’m sure your answer is plenty (and still many of them that you haven’t found or read)!

So how do you stand out from the crowd? Surf through other blogs from your niche. Analyse them. Observe their voice, tone, and style. Do you want to copy them at a better way (which is very difficult), or would you write more specific topics? Your choice!

3. Make your content scannable

Admit it – we don’t really read anything online until the end (at least for me!). We scanned through the article.

What does readers read, then? Headlines. Introduction. Subtitles. And ending. You better make these things perfect!

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