How To Choose The Best Baby Carrier

by Dr Izam Suziani

You’re in your third trimester, and you’re looking for the best baby carrier to help you take the baby out when you need to.
You have a newborn in the house. It was such an enjoyable moment until your husband has to go back to work, your confinement lady is gone, and you’re left alone attending your baby who wants to be held all the time.
You are stressed and your milk supply has gone down. You want to increase skin-to-skin time with your baby, but you have other things to attend to and you’re feeling exhausted.

Here are just a few examples of situation when you wished you had an extra pair of hands. Whatever your reason is, this question often comes in mind- HOW DO I CHOOSE A BABY CARRIER?
Well, there are a few factors to consider when deciding on your first (or “best”) baby carrier. The most important 3 are:

When purchasing a carrier, check that the carrier allows your baby to be in this position. It is best if you could try them with your baby in it.
An ergonomic carrier simply means 2 things:
It keeps your body and baby’s body in the natural positions
It is comfortable for both you and your baby

Baby’s natural position
Baby’s BACK/ SPINE, which is naturally in a C-SHAPED CURVE

Picture credit to Baby Doo USA

Baby’s HIPS, which is naturally in a SPREAD SQUAT POSITION

Picture credit to International Hip Dysplasia Institute


“TICKS” Rule for Babywearing Safety must be adhered to at all times when the baby is in a carrier. So, when choosing a baby carrier, ensure that all 5 criterias are met.

Picture credit to UK Sling Consortium

Check your baby frequently and adjust your baby’s position accordingly whilst in a baby carrier.

Another important point is ALWAYS BUY AN ORIGINAL CARRIER. Baby carriers can be a bit expensive, but what is more expensive than your baby’s life? Please do not buy FAKE CARRIERS because although they are kinder to your pocket, there have been cases where buckles break and stitches come off, which resulted in falls and detrimental consequences to the baby.


We all wish there is ONE carrier that will fit from newborn to toddler, right? Let’s be realistic- it actually depends on your baby’s size and growth, and how long you wish to carry him/ her for. Some carriers might last that long. Then again, it depends on what purpose it has to serve and the duration, as these are subjective.
The tip is: find a carrier that FITS. If it’s too big (your baby is ‘drowning’ in the carrier), it’s dangerous. If it’s too small, it might not be supportive enough (which is also dangerous) and you might end up with back pain too.
If your baby requires special care i.e. premature baby/ syndromic/ other health issues, please CONSULT A BABYWEARING CONSULTANT before purchasing your baby carrier.

I hope this article will help you choose your best carrier. Remember that there is actually no “best carrier”- a baby carrier might suit your friend very well, but it doesn’t mean it will suit you too. Also remember that a carrier of YOUR choice might not be a carrier of YOUR BABY’S choice! Your baby has a say too, as your baby is going to be in it as much as you are. HAPPY BABYWEARING!

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Dr Izam Suziani binti Ismail
Certified Babywearing Consultant & Medical Trainers Licence
Trageschule UK

Owner of Babywearing by Baby Ultra
Ig @babyultra

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