How To Market Effectively In The Smartphone Addiction Generation

Admit it. All of us are addicted to our smartphones. Companies are using Whatsapp to communicate between departments and with other companies. Adults are using Facebook to communicate with each other. The younger generation are using Twitter to express their feelings. And those who hate texts love Instagram.

With these trends in mind, it is definitely a must for companies to go digital with a strategy. And how can we do this effectively?

1. Optimise page title for voice search

There is Siri, there is Google Voice Search, and everything in between. Obviously, with this trend in mind, companies should make sure their contents are voice search friendly.

Studies has shown that 60% of smartphone owners aged 18+ who used voice-enabled technology are using it to do online searches. And what’s more thrilling, 51% of them are using it to find information on a product. Isn’t this a good news for marketers?

2. Create A Multi-Touch Content

Interactive content is the way to go! Smartphone users are very attracted to multi-touch contents. They love to swipe, hold, click, and all those related gestures. Creating contents that are interactive will make them more engaged, and soon they will be converted to become your customers!

3. Mind The Connection Density

Sounds a bit technical, but it is one of the most important things to consider. Connection density, in a layman term, is when there is a potential connection that arises due to two connections that are readily connected.

For example, family gathering is high in connection density, as most of them know each other, and would possibly introduce a “potential connection” to you. On the other hand, riding a bus has low connection density, as people mostly do not blonde each other, so there’s low possibility of “potential connection”.

With smartphone users, they are somehow very social in social media, and they would highly introduce a “potential connection” in the social media itself. So please get your business marketed in Social Media!

These are some of the tips how we can market effectively in a smartphone addiction generation.

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