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Tropika Baby Herbal Cream’s New Look!

If you ask me what is my favourite product for Aydeen, it’s definitely Tropika Baby Herbal Cream! I have been using Tropika Baby Herbal Cream for Aydeen since he was a newborn.

Anybody who knows me well would know that I am highly picky when it comes to choosing products for Aydeen, especially if it involves rubbing onto his skin!

Every Asian mothers would rub some herbal oil onto their baby’s stomach. To me, the ingredients of these oils are highly important. And on top of it all, I believe that herbal creams for babies shouldn’t be too hot, and Tropika Baby Herbal Cream just fit my requirements.

Best of all, it now comes with a new convenient packaging! Let’s have a brief comparison between the old & new packaging.

Old packaging

This was how the old packaging looks like.

It came in a bottle with cap, which is very sturdy and durable. It can fit in standard handbags, though it occupies quite a large space.

The weight was 50g, so it can easily pass the liquid restrictions at airports. My Tropika Baby Herbal Cream had travelled to four different countries globally!

Newly Launched Packaging

Thanks to Tropika, I am one of the few to try the newly launched packaging! I fall in love at first sight with the new packaging instantly.

It now comes in a tube, which feels lighter (but still same 50g) and easier to fit in between those many things in my handbag (yes, my handbag consists of a bit of my things and mostly Aydeen’s diapers, spare clothing, baby wipes, cream, bottle & toys). And it’s a standard Kipling handbag, medium-sized. I rarely change my bag.

And what I love the most is it’s ease of use! You see, Aydeen was not the kind who can sit still during diaper change. In fact, he rarely stands at one place during diaper change. Always out and about. Which, during rubbing cream time using the old packaging, his fast hands would quickly grab the bottle and already messing up his hands with the cream before I can reach it.

With the new packaging? Not anymore! Easily flip away to open with one hand (while the other is busy with Aydeen), and quickly close with my thumb when not in use. No more messy hands for Aydeen. Mission accomplished!

Aydeen’s point of view

I put both packaging side by side, and asked Aydeen to choose. He chose the new packaging, together with his water bottle. Goodbye old packaging, Aydeen found his new favourite!

All in all, the newly launched packaging seems better than the old one. Kudos Tropika for making the change!


16 thoughts on “Tropika Baby Herbal Cream’s New Look!

  1. Anna says:

    It’s always nice when companies make great products better. I wish my favourite diaper cream came in a tube rather than a tub!


  2. jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing! I don’t have kids yet, but I’ll definitely remember that tubes and better than tubs when looking at products 🙂


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