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6 Ways To Build Your Toddler’s Vocab

One of the most exciting milestones, for both you and your child, is when your child learns how to talk. If you have a young toddler, chances are that they already know and use a few simple words. But more words mean more power— power to better understand the world and power to better understand themselves. Of course, most kids will learn more words naturally over time, but jump-starting your toddler’s vocab can’t hurt! Even so, there’s no need to break out the flashcards or buy fancy learning aids; the best and most effective ways of teaching your toddler are actually free. This list of 6 Ways to Build Your Toddler’s Vocab will show you easy ways to introduce new words to your young toddler, so that they’re chatting up a storm by the time they’re ready for preschool.

1. Lead by example.

To your young toddler, you’re just about the coolest person in the world. They want to dress like you, act like you, and yes, talk like you! Arguably the best way to boost your toddler’s vocab is to talk to them… a lot. Narrate what you’re doing throughout the day and talk about things that they are doing as well. The more you say any given word, the more likely that they’ll pick up on it too!

2. Introduce new experiences.

Narrating daily life for your toddler is great, but if you have the same routine day after day, the number of new words they’re exposed to will still be limited. You can expose them to even more vocab by going to new places and seeing new things with your toddler. You don’t have to completely give up your routine to do this either. Even something as simple as changing the route of your daily walk can give you tons of new things to talk about. You can also try going to a different grocery store with different products, going to a new park, or trying out a new kid-friendly restaurant.

3. Introduce new people.

Spending time around different people can be just as helpful as spending time in different places when it comes to learning new words. Make sure your toddler has plenty of opportunities to play with kids their own age as well as older kids and adults. Since everyone experiences life differently, words that you don’t typically use could be commonplace to others.

4. Read to them.

Another great way to help your toddler grow their vocab is to read to them, and not just before bedtime. Your toddler will have a better chance at picking up new words if they are awake and excited rather than tired and cranky. Try to pick books with fun, colorful pictures that you can talk to them about. Books with “sound” words (like “boom!” and “splat!”) or actions (like “stomp” and “clap”) are also great for introducing new words while having fun.

5. Limit TV time.

While watching television can be entertaining, it’s easier for toddlers to learn new words when they hear those words in real life. Because of this, you should try to choose activities that involve more interaction and cut down on screen time. When your toddler does watch TV, stick around to watch the show with them. You can turn it into an interactive activity by asking them questions, pointing out fun things in the background of a scene, and acting out their favorite parts with them. That way, your toddler can still watch the shows they love while also working on their vocab.

6. Encourage them.

When children are first learning to talk, you might naturally feel the urge to correct their mistakes. But unless they ask for help pronouncing something, you should let them stumble through their words at first. Constantly being corrected quite simply makes things less fun, and toddlers learn best when they’re having fun! Instead, try adding to what they’ve already said to show that you understand and that you’re interested too.

With so many fancy, expensive learning aids promising to help your toddler become a master wordsmith, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out because, of course, all parents want what’s best for their children. Luckily, in this case, what’s best is not what costs the most money. Keeping learning simple and fun (and free!) will not only ensure that your toddler is building their vocab, but it will also get both of you excited about the process again.

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5 Pose To Make Moms Happier

by Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

We’re told as moms that the days are long but the years are short.

I 100% agree with that. I’m literally writing this while my 2 ½ year old son is napping in my lap and thinking, when did he get so big that he can barely fit into my lap?

The days really can feel painfully long sometimes, especially if you’re not setting aside time to take care of you.

I’ve created a quick yoga practice that you can do every day to boost your mood and maybe even feel a little happier on those especially long days.

The practice is just about 10 minutes long, with 5 simple yoga poses for you to do.

Don’t worry: this practice is intended for busy moms of at all levels of yoga practice. If you’re newer to yoga, I promise you’ll be just fine. The poses I’ve picked aren’t super challenging and I give lots of modifications if you need them. Also, the more you do these poses, the more familiar they will become, and the easier they will feel in your body.

So give yourself 15 minutes, roll out your yoga mat, and make a date with yourself so that you can feel a little more satisfied and have a little more bounce in your step on those long days of motherhood.

About Author

Naomi is a mom, a yoga teacher, a self-care advocate, an activist, and a total star trek nerd. I’ve been practicing yoga for 19 years and teaching for 14. She is known for my creative and intentionally sequenced yoga classes, as well as my belief that laughter, sound effects, and animal noises that correspond with their yoga poses make yoga more fun.
She loves avocados, unicorns, and has been called a “crazy indoor plant lady”


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Top 5 Tips That Will Make Your Instagram Amazing

Generally, when your feed looks great, people are more likely to like your photos, follow you and come back for more. Here are top tips that will make your feed #InstagramGoals!

1. Find your visual voice.

These are the things you must know to make a visually pleasing Instagram feed – a consistent look. If you are a business, your feed is your business card. It could a be a proof of how creative your team can be. Find a personality and get that right. Stick to a consistent theme! Call it vibe or soul of your posts. It’s your visual personality – boho, tropical, bold colors, minimal, white? Get some inspirations from some famous Instagrammers. Think about what you want your Instagram feed to be known for. Talk about filters as well. What is Instagram without filters, right? Using the same filter in your photos all the time is an easy way to start a theme.

2. Follow a grid layout.

This is how you position your posts in your feed. It helps you know what to post next to another post. Take time to plan your posts. For example, you know you will have to alternate between a quote and a photo. Easy. If you are not using a specific grid layout, your goal is to balance your feed. Like you can space out your photos based on the colors in them, or even the subject or background. Generally, people avoid putting photos that are too similar next to each other. They space them out. By spacing out photos that are too similar, they create contrast between each post. This will make your overall feed look balanced. Amazing, right?

3. Color coordinate.

Here’s a one level up! Color coordinate your photos. Pick 2-3 colors you know you will always use in your photos then space out your photos in your grid to balance your theme. Check the background of your photos – keep it clean. Don’t let the background distract from your main subject – unless the background is part of your strategy to get the attention of people, like a cool feature wall or the Eiffel Tower. But remember: natural light is your best friend. If you’re not using natural light when you take photos, you’re missing out because you will have higher quality and more detailed photos. Photos taken with natural light will also look better when you apply filters. Take photos in the morning or at the end of afternoon, or near your window!

4. High quality photos always win.

It will always make a difference to the number of likes that you will get as it will look sharp and inviting. You may also add a little bit of sharpness when you edit.

5. Don’t forget to have fun!

I know these are semi-strict rules, but your Instagram voice will always be your personality. This is the secret sauce of Instagram: Having fun. Your feed will never look the way you want if you’re not having fun.

Love what you do. Take your time to create what you want to see and share. There is no right or wrong with creativity. Have fun planning your feed!

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Lilo Mooi – For Those Who Love To Look Beautiful

Being beautiful. Which mom doesn’t love the idea?

I was highly excited when Lilo Mooi invited me to come to their studio and try out their waxing services. And I have to say… It was awesome, and an (almost) painless experience for a first-timer and person who doesn’t stand pain, like me!

Here’s what I can observe from the visit!

1. An inviting welcome desk

Hey, everyone loves a great invite, and this desk works well! It also has some pamphlets for you to read, understand and share to the people who may need it!

2. A cosy waiting area

Look at how happy my mom was! That is before my toddler decided to run around the place while I discover the area & services. Thank you Ibu, I owe you a lot!

3. A great information of types of waxes and normal price lists.

Before I visit this place, I only heard of wax that use strips, and not much part of your body can be stripped. Boy, was I ever wrong. And look at those prices, affordable even for students!

4. Happy hour promotions and other package prices

As you can see, there are LOADS of happy hour promotions (including Saturday & Sunday!) as well as other packages if you decide to do more than one. Pretty awesome, right?

5. Relaxing treatment area

A bed, a good lighting and an air-conditioned room, together with the friendly companion of Halina (and your toddler who keeps checking you out every 10 seconds), you will have a perfect treatment experience!

6. Information on precautions after waxing

A great amount of information is available after waxing, at the waiting area. Do follow to ensure your experience is a great one!

7. Other products available

Looking for some crafts, cute tumblers, and small perfumes? They have it too!

Note: The small perfumes were located on the bottom of the shelf, before my toddler decided to pick it up, and we hid it away. Sorry Halina!

All in all, it was a great experience!Do come and visit Lilo Mooi Beauty & Waxing Studio, located in Cyberjaya. It opens daily 10am to 10pm. Just waze your way there!