Lilo Mooi – For Those Who Love To Look Beautiful

Being beautiful. Which mom doesn’t love the idea?

I was highly excited when Lilo Mooi invited me to come to their studio and try out their waxing services. And I have to say… It was awesome, and an (almost) painless experience for a first-timer and person who doesn’t stand pain, like me!

Here’s what I can observe from the visit!

1. An inviting welcome desk

Hey, everyone loves a great invite, and this desk works well! It also has some pamphlets for you to read, understand and share to the people who may need it!

2. A cosy waiting area

Look at how happy my mom was! That is before my toddler decided to run around the place while I discover the area & services. Thank you Ibu, I owe you a lot!

3. A great information of types of waxes and normal price lists.

Before I visit this place, I only heard of wax that use strips, and not much part of your body can be stripped. Boy, was I ever wrong. And look at those prices, affordable even for students!

4. Happy hour promotions and other package prices

As you can see, there are LOADS of happy hour promotions (including Saturday & Sunday!) as well as other packages if you decide to do more than one. Pretty awesome, right?

5. Relaxing treatment area

A bed, a good lighting and an air-conditioned room, together with the friendly companion of Halina (and your toddler who keeps checking you out every 10 seconds), you will have a perfect treatment experience!

6. Information on precautions after waxing

A great amount of information is available after waxing, at the waiting area. Do follow to ensure your experience is a great one!

7. Other products available

Looking for some crafts, cute tumblers, and small perfumes? They have it too!

Note: The small perfumes were located on the bottom of the shelf, before my toddler decided to pick it up, and we hid it away. Sorry Halina!

All in all, it was a great experience!Do come and visit Lilo Mooi Beauty & Waxing Studio, located in Cyberjaya. It opens daily 10am to 10pm. Just waze your way there!

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