Top 5 Tips That Will Make Your Instagram Amazing

Generally, when your feed looks great, people are more likely to like your photos, follow you and come back for more. Here are top tips that will make your feed #InstagramGoals!

1. Find your visual voice.

These are the things you must know to make a visually pleasing Instagram feed – a consistent look. If you are a business, your feed is your business card. It could a be a proof of how creative your team can be. Find a personality and get that right. Stick to a consistent theme! Call it vibe or soul of your posts. It’s your visual personality – boho, tropical, bold colors, minimal, white? Get some inspirations from some famous Instagrammers. Think about what you want your Instagram feed to be known for. Talk about filters as well. What is Instagram without filters, right? Using the same filter in your photos all the time is an easy way to start a theme.

2. Follow a grid layout.

This is how you position your posts in your feed. It helps you know what to post next to another post. Take time to plan your posts. For example, you know you will have to alternate between a quote and a photo. Easy. If you are not using a specific grid layout, your goal is to balance your feed. Like you can space out your photos based on the colors in them, or even the subject or background. Generally, people avoid putting photos that are too similar next to each other. They space them out. By spacing out photos that are too similar, they create contrast between each post. This will make your overall feed look balanced. Amazing, right?

3. Color coordinate.

Here’s a one level up! Color coordinate your photos. Pick 2-3 colors you know you will always use in your photos then space out your photos in your grid to balance your theme. Check the background of your photos – keep it clean. Don’t let the background distract from your main subject – unless the background is part of your strategy to get the attention of people, like a cool feature wall or the Eiffel Tower. But remember: natural light is your best friend. If you’re not using natural light when you take photos, you’re missing out because you will have higher quality and more detailed photos. Photos taken with natural light will also look better when you apply filters. Take photos in the morning or at the end of afternoon, or near your window!

4. High quality photos always win.

It will always make a difference to the number of likes that you will get as it will look sharp and inviting. You may also add a little bit of sharpness when you edit.

5. Don’t forget to have fun!

I know these are semi-strict rules, but your Instagram voice will always be your personality. This is the secret sauce of Instagram: Having fun. Your feed will never look the way you want if you’re not having fun.

Love what you do. Take your time to create what you want to see and share. There is no right or wrong with creativity. Have fun planning your feed!

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