How To Potty Train A Toddler Fast

Potty training is among the most challenging times for any given parent. However, since the toddlers must pass through this level, we need to master how to fasten the process so that we can make it as painless as possible for all parties included.

Potty training your toddler fast is possible but it will require some level of patience and some wit. In this article, we highlight some of the tips that you can use if you are looking forward to training your toddler on how to use the potty fast.

1. Let them watch and learn

Toddlers learn better by observation. If you have another kid in the house who is already using the potty, you can let them watch and learn from the process. Let them observe you or daddy when they go to the toilet so that they can know how it’s done. Loop in the support of other family members in this case.

2. Be patient and consistent

You have to be very patient and very consistent with the toddlers when potty training them. You will be sending them to the potty in intervals and you need to keep the consistency solid. For instance, you could start off with 10 minutes apart and scale up slowly as they get used to going to the potty. Whether or not they have something to take out, always take them to the potty when the time comes. They will soon get used to the process.

Always stick to the routine. If it helps, you can set up an alarm so that you can always be on point with these sessions.

3. Bribe them

Bribes work magic when potty training. You can give the toddler candy when they go to the potty. You can give them an extra candy when they actually poop. If you are training them how to wipe themselves as well, offer them an extra candy if they do it. Be ready for a messy session though, as it will be part of the process.

4. Keep praising them

Do not go slow on the praises when your toddlers use the potty. This will keep encouraging them to go to the potty so that they can receive these praises. Ask the other family members to assist in heaping on the praises and turn this moment into a fun occasion.

5. Keep the potty in a visible location

Do not hide the potty from the toddler. By keeping it accessible and in an open location, it does something to their minds. They will be able to run to the potty as soon as they experience the first signs of pooping. If you keep the potty hidden, you might not fasten this process.

6. Let them run around naked

Toddlers love running around the house naked. Let them be but only after they have gone to the potty and pooped. This will encourage them to keep going as you will give them the freedom to stay naked after. When they get used to it, slowly work your way back into clothing.

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