Bohnereis – A Natural Scrub That Is Safe For Pregnancy And Lactating Mothers

Let me tell you something: I am super picky when it comes to choosing stuff to put on my skin. You see, people say that I have a great skin, but what they don’t know is how strict I am at choosing products.

I have sensitive skin. It becomes dry if the product is too tightening. And it can then lead to irritation, and I hate when that happens.

I became even more choosy when I got pregnant and after giving birth while I was lactating. I am a super believer that my baby is having part of everything that I put on my skin while I was pregnant and lactating, so the products have to be natural and safe!

And because most of the deodorants in the market are, well, not natural, I decided to give them up too. Of course, I searched for a replacement and… I found this!

1. Can’t put deodorant? Scrub regularly

Being pregnant for 9 months and lactating for 1 year for me is a total miserable when it comes to choosing products. I become highly choosy. Of course, many mothers choose not to care too much, but I do! Bohnereis is known to have a deodorising agent, so feel safe & confident!

2. Scrub the deodorant stains away!

Even if you wear deodorant, you will have to scrub the area due to deodorants usually leave stains in the area. Scrub them off, and see the difference!

3. My great best friend to waxing!

Anyone who have read my previous post would know that I was invited to try a waxing service and was totally in love with it. I am now a loyal customer!

And for everyone who have tried waxing before would know how important it is to scrub before you wax. Bohnereis is perfect for that! And because it is natural, it is even safe for sensitive areas!

4. Worried of ingrown hairs? Wax and scrub them!

Ahhh.. I NEVER know about ingrown hairs until I went for waxing. Of course, waxing is the number one key to avoid ingrown hair, but you don’t wax everyday! So what other ways do you need to do to avoid them?

Yes, it’s scrub! Aside from making the skin smoother, scrubbing will also help to prevent ingrown hair and possibly repair it. Waxing is less pain (almost painless) with no ingrown hairs!

5. Secret to a great skin – scrub

Actually, it’s not a secret anymore. Almost everybody knows scrubbing is the key to a healthy skin. In fact, it is especially needed if you want your skin to look flawless. There is a reason why beauticians use scrubs in their facial services!

Anyone else falling in love with natural products? Because I do!

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