D-Flat Music Academy Grand Opening

Hello readers! Any of you are music lovers here? Well, we have the same interest. And therefore I was highly excited to have been invited to D-Flat Music Academy Grand Opening!

I was so excited, I literally did a live video soon after registration! Watch the video for my brief introduction on the event & about D-Flat Music Academy.

D-Flat Music Academy offers Piano, Guitar, Vocals and Musical Theatre classes to both children and adults, from as young as 3 years of age. There is an Opening Special promotion – if you register for 1st month before June 2019, you will get 2nd month free! Awesome, right?

Why sending you child to learn music? The benefits of learning to play a musical instrument for a child is undeniable. It is scientifically proven to help wire a child’s brain to help them perform better academically. It enhances a child’s listening ability; a vital component in social skills, physical coordination and timing. It cultivates discipline and patience and boosts self-esteem while providing a child with an outlet to release daily stresses. The result is a grounded, well-rounded individual; ready to take on the world.

Have you ever taken music classes previously, and feel like it’s the most boring subject on earth? Well, rest assured that it’s going to be different at D-Flat Music Academy.

“We take a long-term approach to music education by encouraging students to appreciate music as an aesthetic beyond their lessons. We do this by focusing on TWO essentials – sight reading and aural. Music is like a language, if you sight-read well, you are able to play any form of music literature. Aural engages a person’s listening ability and sensitivity. This is essential for students to express their music creativity. “said Aaron Goh, Music Director of D-Flat Music Academy and also D-Flat Studios, a leading music academy in Singapore.

So what can you do when your child is having music class? Well, this particular music studio is located in Sunway Geo, so you can do plenty of things – from shopping to dining!

When asked of the company’s goals and directions in the near future, Goh shared that the company aims to create a community of musicians that enjoy the pursuit of music in their spare time; where music will continually be part of their lives, well into adulthood, as they pursue their careers. With 21 years of teaching and performing in the industry under his belt, Goh himself is highly passionate about the art. “Music is in my blood,” he quips.

After the event, I have attended a trial class of D-Flat Music Academy (because Aydeen was too young). I would say it’s the most interesting music class I’ve had my entire life!

And what’s best, D-Flat Music Academy requires all teachers in their employ to possess Bachelors or Masters Music degrees from a performing arts university, or at least 20 years teaching experience. Your investments will definitely be in good hands!

Not convinced? Goh adds that their students’ stellar exams and performances in Singapore’s D-Flat Studio are the perfect testimony of the effectiveness of our methods. Some of its star students in Singapore have gone on to perform in notable plays like Child Aid (2017), Forbidden City (2016), Monkey Goes West (2014), Hansel & Gretel (2012), The Sound of Music, (2016) and The Lion King (2011). To further boost its credentials, D-Flat Studios, as well as those under its employ, have received various awards in Singapore, namely, Top 10 Music Academy in Singapore (theasianparent.com), Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards – Nominated Best Actress 2015, Best Supporting Actress 2016 & 2017 (awarded to Frances Lee – vocal and musical teacher within the organisation). Just incredible, isn’t it?

For those of you having kids as young as 3 years of age (or even you yourself), do register for the awesome music classes at D-Flat Academy!

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