Product Review – Baby Koala Labels

Baby Koala is a Malaysian home-grown brand that aims to make every breastfeeding mom’s life easier. They came up with a genius product that make breastmilk storage easier and less costly since this product is reusable!

I got 2 of these in orange and green but it comes in more colors if you want perky bottles for your baby. Yes, these are made from high quality food grade silicone that you can easily put around your baby’s bottle and mark with a Crayola marker, or any marker you have available.

I originally planned to do freezer recipes to test the product, since the use of this labels are not limited to just feeding bottles. I was planning to label other food storage but due to the time constraint and unavailable raw materials, I just changed my plan to testing this product with other breastfeeding mothers for milk bottle labels.

These labels are like rubber band and can be easily put on the bottle. As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can just write on it with a marker with the details you need to label breastmilk.

As for cleaning, you can easily wash it under water, and wiping it dry with a sponge erases the label to make it ready for re-use!

This Baby Koala Baby Bottle Labels are really heaven sent! No need to stack up on disposable milk bags. Making this reusable, sterilizer and microwave safe, and dishwasher friendly definitely saves us the extra work of carefully transferring milk from a bag to the bottle. This time, definitely no more milk spills!

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