Toddler Town International Preschool – 1 Day Experience

Picking a school for a toddler can be tricky but it is also one of the most exciting chapter in their life. It was good for us to be able to book a trial class with Toddler Town International Preschool.

Attending trial classes can help your child to get a feel of the school first and also be able to see what they will be doing in school. Having them familiar in the school’s environment will avoid anxiety and stress to both kid and parent when the official classes start.

My son was very excited to wake up and see the backpack we got him for school. It is good to have him excited and will keep looking forward to what else he will be doing in school today.

We let him have breakfast in the car too! Upon arriving in school, he can’t keep his excitement already to meet new friends.

There’s a chilling session before the class starts. The kids had a chance to play with each other and also play with the massive collection of activities for them.

My toddler started playing at the gym! It was baby proof so you won’t worry about painful bumps if ever they decide to tumble around.

My son was very happy to see a wall with all the usual things he love to play with. And I am talking about switches, remote controls, handles, and many more that kids usually want to play with at home.

But his favorite is definitely pushing things! Watch the video above to see him play!

There are different play stations for the kids. They have a cooking station, a slide, and even a treadmill!

It was so fun to see all the kids have their own food for their first refreshment.

I also love the school’s creative ways of asking the kids to clean up. I got some ideas that we can use at home to make him do simple house chores ha-ha!

I also love how they teach alphabet to the kids. It was interactive and the kids are more eager to listen and participate.

They also have a sink that has the exact height for toddlers to wash their own hands. I see it as one way of teaching them to be independent little by little.

On that day, my son had a chance to do his favorite – doodling!

And also they got to play with play dough which is very helpful in developing the sensory instincts.

They were also asked to do a paper car shape but I think my son wanted to play with the glue more.
After this, they had their second batch of refreshments before saying goodbye to their new friends and heading home.

I can see that my son really had fun in this session and now he is ready for school. I hope your kids get to try sessions like this too in a preschool you may be eyeing for them. It is really helpful to know if they want to be in that school too.

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