Beauty Kitchen – A Beauty Start Up With A Potential

Have you ever wanted to go pamper yourself in a nice and cozy spa where you would just relax on a massage bed and think nothing for a while? It would be great to free yourself from the kids!

However, moments later, you suddenly realise that it’s not going to work. Your budget may be a bit constraint, with lots of bills to pay! Of course, I can relate to that.

If you think the budget is your constraint to go for a time in the spa, you might want to consider Beauty Kitchen! It is a startup Spa located at Sri Tanjung Apartment in USJ16. When you go there, it is on the first floor just above the mart. When you climb up the stairs to the first floor, you will immediately see it beside the stairs.

The moment you entered the spa, you will be seeing a welcoming desk and waiting area.

Everything is nice, just like in the normal spa but at the moment, they arr only using fans and planning to install air-conditioning to improve their service even better!

They also have another waiting area to serve hot beverages after their services.

You can also see there are some apparels and hijabs being displayed at an affordable price if you feel like buying.

It offers a few types of services such as spa services, makeup class, makeup studio or outdoor and few other packages that suits your choice. I had the chance to try their normal facial and spa massage and it just costs me RM60 for the facial and RM100 for the spa massage! It’s very affordable and I really enjoyed the moment of being pampered, touched and massaged.

Being a work at home mom, things do pile up very quickly. The days feel like never end and it is as if there are no more comforting days. I’ve been a working mom before too (and with a side business), so I do know that the amount of energy drained everyday is no different between the two.

Why stay miserable when you can ease your mind with this startup spa? You will be surprised that you will get exactly the same treatment as in high-end spa – the touch, the feeling of relaxing and being pampered with the service fees that are so reasonable.

If you love to support local businesses (especially those run by single moms), do visit Beauty Kitchen so that they can gather their funds to upgrade even better in terms of comforting you more with the installation of the air-conditioning in the future. To be honest, I couldn’t care less even it’s just a fan because I really like their services. It meets my purpose of going there as it improves my sanity and definitely I had a great me time.
The owner of the spa is also very friendly and very comfortable to talk, too. The price is suitable for a mom with strict budget like me but wanted something satisfying.

Why don’t you try and tell me if you think the same too? Will definitely love to read your thoughts. Till later!

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