Cartel Store – A Basic Spa Offering Signature Services

Ever since I was given the chance to visit a few spas recently, I am starting to fall in love with it. My body is craving for more. So, the other day, I had the chance to come by Cartel Store. This time, I had a very different experience.

In my previous post, I had shared my experience trying Mr. Bee Honey (Tualang honey).

This is the same spa, only this time, I tried their hot stone massage! Hot stone massage is really good for healing, relieve stress and promoting deep relaxation.

Upon entering the spa, this was how it looked like.

Aside from the honey, there were a lot of jamu & herbs which are for health and beauty, as well as coffee maker.

Upon my arrival, they served hot herbal beverage for me.

This was how their treatment room looks like.

What I loved most was that they provided massage bed which has the hole for the face area during the massage. It made me comfortable as I can breathe easily when lying down.

These are their services offered in the spa, and of course, I tried their 2 hours full body stone massage! What I can say is, it’s so amazing! I felt satisfied as the therapist had quite a strong hands, but you can always tell her if you want it to be a bit “softer”.

Above all, they provided great price with great unique services, such as the hot stone massage. Do check it out yourself, and don’t forget to mention my name!

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