Neutra Reflexology & Spa – For Bangsar Spa Lovers

What kind of expectation are you looking for when it comes to pampering yourself in a beauty spa? Other than to make you feel good about yourself, I love the spa that can offer great hospitality, with a very nice interior decoration and of course with good and professional customer services.

Today I will share about my recent experience in Neutra Reflexology & Spa in Bangsar. Let’s check it out!

Upon entering the door, there’s a flight of stairs with aromatherapy candle along the way up to the spa door.

It’s very clean and tidy so before entering the spa don’t forget to remove your footwear.

Once you entered, there’s a second door and the staff will greet and give a very warm welcome.

I was so lucky that day I got the chance to meet the owner Nicole Soo, who was the one invited me for the visit. I was very thankful for the invitation because I had a really great experience throughout my sessions!

At the reception table, both of them explained about the services offered. Watch the above live video for the full explanation!

There’s quite a number of services you can try. Among them are Thai Massage, Body Massage, Shiatsu (body massage without oil), varieties of aroma oil massage, bath spa, sauna, bath soak, heat compress and there’s slimming massage too! All of these services offered at very promising and affordable price. I tried their Citronella massage and Nicole suggested me to do body sauna first before the massage started.

This is their treatment room, complete with air conditioning.

There’s also one area with nice sofas and big TV for foot massage.

If you are keen to try with your partner, there’s also a couple room available. Perfect for BFF spa sessions too!

There’s a nice waiting area so that you can wait if there’s a need to wait for your turn.

Right before my treatment started, I was asked to wash my feet with their foot soak. They really did it well, both of my feet felt very clean instantaneously!

After that, I went for their sauna for 25 minutes. It’s quite a challenge for me to wait, but as you know, sauna is really good for your body. Take a chance to do it once in a while and you will feel the difference.

After the sauna session, I was asked to wash myself. Of all the spaces in the spa, the one that I loved the most was their jacuzzi area! It was very nice and modern and I took shower there admiring this very nice area. Perfect for me to destress myself.

Right after shower, the Citronella aroma massage started. Because I am not that kind of person who is a fan of hard pressure massage, I reminded the therapist to do it softly. Citronella aroma massage is really good for antidepressant, remove bad odor and eliminates toxins.

After you finish your spa session, I suggest for you to try Nasi Briyani Ayam Madu at Mahbub Restaurant – the best briyani in Bangsar! It is just walking distance. If you want to go for shopping, Bangsar Village is nearby too!

Finally, if you plan to give this spa a visit, I would suggest you to download Boost app and just pay your parking fee using Boost. So convenient!

I will definitely recommend you to come to the spa and try the services yourself! Value for your time, experience and money.

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