Book Review: Chloe – Lost Girl (Carl Sant Murder Mysteries Book 1)

It has been quite some time since I last read novels. Don’t get me wrong – I love reading! It’s just that lately I’ve been reading a lot of parenting, cooking and travel books. I like almost all types of genres! I’ve been reading novels since I was seven – I remember at that age I enjoyed reading my sister’s thriller novels. Though there were a lot of words I did not understand back then, I would ask my late dad on the meanings of the words that I did not understand. Surprisingly, he explained each and every one of my questions in detail. Thanks Ayah, you’re a big contributor to my writing career!

I was thrilled to receive Chloe – Lost Girl (Carl Sant Murder Mysteries Book 1) recently, a new release by Dr. Dan Laughey. This is the first time I’ll be reviewing books (I should review more – I have mountains of books at home) , so I will try to write this as straightforward as possible.

Chloe – Lost Girl is about a 20-year-old Chloe Lee who has been missing from Leeds, West Yorkshire since September 9th. The novel immediately starts with the story of Detective Sergeant Liam Dryden who was gunned down in a bus soon after secretly interviewing a person regarding a murder case during his off duty, before the bus that he was riding was involved in an accident. He managed to etch a sequence of numbers on the misty window, with plastic film to help seal the moist, moments before he died.

The novel then quickly change the scene to that of Detective Inspector Carl Sant and Detective Constable Brad Capstick, who were interrogating Jake Downing – boyfriend of Chloe Lee before she was missing. The interrogation came to a halt when Assistant Chief Constable Bill Gilligan asked the two detectives to come into the office and told them about the death of Detective Sergeant Liam Dryden. They then went to the crash scene to join the investigation, and that’s where DI Sant found the sequence of numbers etched by DS Dryden. And so the the mysterious relations of the cases begins.

This is one of the best Psychological Thrillers that I have read so far – with DI Carl Sant and his fellow inspectors tried to link the cases involved, and the appearance of a professor reluctant to help them solve the case. The fact that the settings was in the United Kingdom brings back memories and familiarity – I can imagine the scenes easily!

A page-turner thriller with focused on the police profession, duties and friendship.

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