Introducing My Diversified Background :)

I haven’t been blogging on personal thoughts for quite some time. Mainly because I was focused on my family travel & food blog ( and this particular blog ( was mostly dedicated for parenting & lifestyle.

In this particular blog post, I would like to properly introduce myself. Why? Because I believe some people get confused of my background diversity, thus, the need to write this post. Easier to forward to people 😆

I grew up in the sub urban area, and later on went to a boarding school in a village community for 5 years. Yes, I learnt advanced Arabic language there, but unfortunately I did not practice, and hence I could not write in Arabic. What a pity 😦

I studied Life Sciences in my Higher Secondary & throughout my Matriculation years. Chemistry was my favourite subject, and Polymer specifically caught my interest during my studies. I was offered my first choice of Polymer Technology at UiTM but then decided to decline the offer and pursued Degree in Accounting at Multimedia University instead (hey, we all have been through that confusing phase of life – our choice, parents preference, etc). I did not regret, though, learnt a lot of useful things academically & participated in numerous amazing events! Years well spent 😊

During my studies, I have also did a few part time jobs. I’ve worked as a part time tutor at Kumon, teaching English & Mathematics. I’ve been a Part Time Tele-Survey Executive, calling people as far as New Zealand! I’ve been a Freelance Writer for a BPO company, starting with topics about fashion, supplying to their client’s website in the United States. And I also did Private Home Tutoring, teaching various subjects, and continue to do so until present day.

On top of everything mentioned above, I also started blogging sometime in year 2007, at Friendster platform (it’s obsolete, I know), before moving to Blogspot, and later on at WordPress. Don’t worry, I did have social life. I still went out for dates 😆, hanging out at the shopping mall & mamak with friends and of course, watching latest movies. 😊

I had my internship in an audit firm for 6 months – 3 months placement in tax department, 3 months in audit department. I’ve successfully handled audits for 2 companies independently (OK, they were dormant firms, so probably it’s quite easy 😆) , offered by the management to continue as their permanent staff after internship, but then I told my dad that although I love dealing with people & companies as an auditor, I don’t think I love handling documents 😂 My dad was quite sad, I think, but I had to say no to some things, I guess 😆

I did, however, had some fruitful lunch sessions with one of the senior staffs during my internship, and I still remember her advice over lunch – wherever possible, start your first job at a multinational company to gain experience. And I did just that.

I joined Tesco’s Management Trainee programme for the Commercial department. They were actually training the Commercial MT’s to become a Buyer upon completing the programme, but because I had background in Accounting, they offered me to be an Assistant Merchandise Planner upon programme completion (hello to my first profession as a planner)! The Recruitment Manager (who knew me because I was persistent about asking my application status & confirmation letter before I was offered the job 😆) asked me whether I would like to join the Management Trainee programme for their Finance Department, which will commence soon. Though tempting (it definitely suits my education background hence brighter career progression), I decided to decline and said politely that I would like to continue with the Management Trainee programme for Commercial department.

The programme was quite intense. We even had our final project presentation. I remember I presented a project, something about stock reduction. And my ex-boss was totally nervous (yes, she’s definitely more nervous than I am 😆) and keep revising my presentations, and even asked some off the senior staffs to also work together for my project presentation. Thanks to her, I think my presentation went well (at least to me 😆), the directors were OK with the presentation (I seriously didn’t know what’s the outcome), and they asked me whether I wanted to become a Buyer or Assistant Merchandise Planner.

I owe a lot to my ex boss, of course I chose to be an AMP. Ha ha! But it’s a decision I never regret, as I continued to pursue my career in the field. I was missing accounting, however, and tried pursuing ACCA part time, but boy, it’s tougher than I thought! Especially considering I’m already out of the accounting route 😆

And so I ditched my plan to study ACCA part time, and focused on my career instead. I then moved up the ladder to become a Merchandise Planner before I resigned, after 4 years of working in the retail industry.

I then moved to a metal stamping industry – a company called PHN (subsidiary of DRB HICOM) as a Senior Executive in the Supply Chain Management department. Here, I started learning from scratch again. Because of the new industry I was in. What can I say, I just LOVE challenges. And new environment doesn’t scare me 🙂

Definitely a lot projects handled here, and of course many learning process – so I don’t think it can fit this blog post. What I can say is there were a lot of experts in the industry here, and I have learnt from a lot of them – from the level of General Managers to the level of Operators, from various departments. I really respect their vast knowledge and passion on what they do. A really amazing 4 years experience, indeed.

And it was during these years that I have also attended various online courses on Social Media Management & Blogging. I don’t know whether people can call this as serious study, but I was investing in the courses, especially since I have been doing blogging & freelance writing since my university years.

And then one day I decided to go serious on my Social Media Management, Blogging & Freelance Writing. So I took the leap – I resigned and do them full time. It wasn’t easy. There were many obstacles and tears (though you can’t see that in any of my social media posts – somehow bloggers have to portray happiness in every picture & live videos 😆), but things are improving each and every day.

So yes, that’s my background. And if you were to ask whether I’m adaptable to new environment and whether I can learn new things quickly, well do judge based on the above experience I shared 😉

Guess this is long enough for this particular post. Till then!

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