Weekend Activities For Two-Year-Olds

Guest post by Samantha Gonzalez.
Two Year-Olds are notorious for their short attention spans. It can be difficult keeping them entertained during the weekends. Here are 8 weekend activities for 2 year-olds that you can try this weekend!

Weekend Activities for 2 Year-Olds


Paintingtoddler artwork activities

Painting with a two year old can seem daunting, and very messy. I like to stick to two or three colors in the same color family. Then I cover the work surface with a drop cloth and provide lots of paper and tools.

Don’t just think brushes! Qtips are great for working fine motor muscles, cotton balls make fun polka dots, even toys can be used to make stamps and impressions.

Check out my post 17 Painting Ideas for Kids for more ideas.


My two year old never sat still long for drawing or coloring…until she discovered markers.

If this sounds like your two year old, try different drawing tools before giving up. And if your toddler is like mine, try magic markers that only work on special paper. This will save your walls, tables, and the two year old’s skin!

Two Year Old Appropriate CraftsB craft for two year olds

A favorite weekend activity for my toddler is crafting. Anything with glue sticks and glitter is sure to be a hit! Animal themed crafts are another one sure to interest any two year old.

Pop over to my blog for more craft ideas!

Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are becoming hugely popular, and for good reason. Toddlers are constantly seeking new ways to explore their senses.

Two year olds are also beginning to explore pouring, transferring, and how things take up space. So expect much of the rice, oatmeal, sand, or whatever filler you use to end up on the floor around the bin.

Tip: set the bin on a towel so you can fold it up and shake it out after they are done.

Pillow Fort

Pillow fort things to do indoors with two year oldsTwo year olds will love basic play ideas like a blanket draped between two chairs. Add some couch cushions and pillows and a few favorite toys and I’m sure you’ll have just as much fun as they will.


Side-walk Chalk

side-walk chalk activities for two year olds

Don’t forget the case of side-walk chalk got stuck on the porch on lazy weekends. Two year olds love the idea of coloring on something that’s NOT paper.

And when they get bored of scribbling, you can teach them to play hopscotch or challenge them to walk on squiggly lines you draw. These games are great for gross motor skills!

If your toddler loves being in front of the camera (and you are a little artistic) you can create scenes for them to pose in.

Kiddie Poolkiddie pool with bubbles

If the weather is warm, fill up your kiddie pool! As long as you keep a close eye on them, two year olds will love the opportunity to splash around in just plain water and get cool.

But if you really want to step up your game, make it into a giant sensory bin!

Add bubbles and turn on the jet spray for a foamy, clean experience. Or try a can of shaving cream. It’s a fun texture that kids will love. You could even fill some water balloons with shaving cream and invite them to squish and pop the balloons. You could even forget the water and just fill the pool with water balloons.

A couple hundred ball pit balls to make any kiddie pool into a ball pit (without mom worrying about the germs). Add bubbles too to make it a slippery fun pit. Or keep the pool empty and dry and fill with pillows for lounging and quiet time outside.

Nature Collecting

Toddler hiking

On weekends, I love to talk walks with my kiddo. We find a park with a playground and nature trails to explore. Each time we go exploring, we end up with at least a couple pockets full of miscellaneous items like feathers, leaves, and flowers. Encourage your two year old to find objects of various sizes, colors, shapes, and textures. Describe the objects they bring to you and pack them away in a small backpack or pockets. After your hike, you could (discreetly) dump your pockets and return the items to nature OR you could bring them home to make some crafts! Here’s another post of mine on some Nature Crafts for Kids. nature collection

Weekend Activities for Two Year Olds

I hope you found something on this list that sounds for you and your two year old to do this weekend. Weekend activities are a great way for families to reconnect after a long week of work, school, daycare, and just running around. Which one will you try this weekend?


Samantha is the owner of the WhimsyRoo blog and shop. The mission of WhimsyRoo is to spread creativity and whimsy to mothers and their children, no matter their skill level or time constraints!

Samantha is also a dance instructor for ages 2-18, and the mom of a beautiful three year old girl.

She can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Facebook – @whimsyroo
Instagram – @whimsy.roo

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