Which Email Software Is Better Between Mailchimp And Convertkit?

Email software are important to a blog as they make sending emails a breeze. How do you know which one to use for your blog? This article compares two of the popular ones, Mailchimp and Convertkit, to help you make an informed decision on the same.

Change Of Website Link

Quick announcement: the site link has changed from norshafawati.wordpress.com to simplemomjourney.com (yes, I have my own domain now, yay!). No worries, if you access the site from the old link, it will redirect you to the current site. Hope you enjoy the new look and feel. Happy reading!

The Journey Of A Simple Girl Is Now The Journey Of A Simple Mom

Hi people! After some thoughts, I have now officially changed the blog title from The Journey Of A Simple Girl to The Journey Of A Simple Mom. I have been using the previous title throughout my previous blogs on other platforms since about 12 years ago. The changes felt needed, due to the evolvement of…