Product Review – Baby Koala Labels

Baby Koala is a Malaysian home-grown brand that aims to make every breastfeeding mom’s life easier. They came up with a genius product that make breastmilk storage easier and less costly since this product is reusable!

D-Flat Music Academy Grand Opening

Hello readers! Any of you are music lovers here? Well, we have the same interest. And therefore I was highly excited to have been invited to D-Flat Music Academy Grand Opening!

I was so excited, I literally did a live video soon after registration! Watch the video for my brief introduction on the event & about D-Flat Music Academy.

How to Deal with Picky Eaters

Moms, we can all relate! We all have this child – at least one in the family – who’s so picky on what to eat. Not only can it be more challenging to cook for them, more than anything, picky eaters can miss out on a lot of good food! Often times, the healthy ones are on their I-don’t-eat list. Oh no!

Here are tips to help them return some harmony to mealtime.

How To Potty Train A Toddler Fast

Potty training is a tedious process that most parents would avoid, if they can. However, since it is part of parenting, you can only wish it happens faster and this article offers tips on how you can potty train your toddler fast.

6 Ways To Build Your Toddler’s Vocab

One of the most exciting milestones, for both you and your child, is when your child learns how to talk. If you have a young toddler, chances are that they already know and use a few simple words. But more words mean more power— power to better understand the world and power to better understand themselves. Of course, most kids will learn more words naturally over time, but jump-starting your toddler’s vocab can’t hurt! Even so, there’s no need to break out the flashcards or buy fancy learning aids; the best and most effective ways of teaching your toddler are actually free. This list of 6 Ways to Build Your Toddler’s Vocab will show you easy ways to introduce new words to your young toddler, so that they’re chatting up a storm by the time they’re ready for preschool.

Learning to Cope With Post Partum Depression & Anxiety

By Jasmine Aranda September, 2016. One week before my 22nd birthday. I got a gift I hadn’t expected to receive- a baby was on the way, and it was time to get my head on straight. I spent each and every day of my pregnancy doing research. Having never grown up around babies, I wanted…

How To Have Fun With Toddlers – 5 Art Projects To Do With Kids

By Samantha Gonzalez. Kids love to create. It’s in their nature. My belief is that we can all benefit from a regular dose of creativity. So here are 5 projects you can do with your kids to get those creative juices flowing! *Note these were designed with toddlers and preschoolers in mind, but older kids…

A Dietitian’s Guide To Baby’s First Food

By Nurfarah Hanani Amir Hamzah. New mothers are surely excited to see their babies had the first spoon fed into the mouth. When you had noticed your baby is ready to be introduced with the complementary food, it will be a wonderful experience for both mother and baby. Sometimes we might feel some pressure, whether…

5 Reasons To Care About Social Skills More Than School

By Emily Edlynn. As a child psychologist, I knew the textbook importance of all areas of child development long before I became a mother. Little did I know the real-world pressures on parents for their children to excel and reach goals that society has decided are important. When I was pregnant with my first child,…