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Which Email Software Is Better Between Mailchimp And Convertkit?

If you own a blog, you probably know that having an email list is one of the best ways to convert your subscribers to sales. People who subscribe to your email list from your blog already show some form of interest in what you are offering. You need to figure out how you will be reaching out so that you can deliver content and products that are interesting to them.

This is where email marketing software come into play. It would be very hectic sending all those emails manually. MailChimp and Convertkit are two of the best email software in the market today. The debate on which is the best between the two has been ongoing for some time and this article hopes to assist you in making the best decision on which system to use for your blog.

Tracking ROI

When it comes to tracking the returns on investment, Mailchimp takes the lead. It is possible to see how the campaigns you create on the system convert depending on what you had invested. For instance, you are able to track how people interacted with your website from the moment they came in to the moment they bought something.

If they have abandoned carts, you can also be able to see and even send email reminders to them at a later date. Convertkit does not track these conversions or how the subscriber interacts with your website.

Design element

Both systems are built with ease of use in mind. MailChimp contains many drag and drop templates that allows you to customize a lot and create the perfect email template. Convertkit is also great in this although they have gone huge in the plaintext emails. They are easy to use and you could be sending an email to thousands of subscribers at once within minutes in both platforms.


MailChimp has a free plan for a specific number of subscribers. After that, you will be asked to pay depending on the number of subscribers you gain. Convertkit does not have a free plan and it is a little more expensive than Mailchimp. Both have recurrent pricing on a monthly basis.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is important for bloggers who want to see what converts best among their readers. When you have a piece to push out, you can always split it and send it out in a number of ways.

The email software should be able to show you analytics for both tests so that you can know which was received better. MailChimp has this feature and it allows you to test the same campaign before settling on one. Convertkit does not have the A/B testing feature.


Both systems offer comprehensive reporting on the actions of subscribers on your website. Although many bloggers complained about the issue of duplicate emails from MailChimp, it all depends on how you set up your system.

The reports will be able to give you a complete picture of what these subscribers are doing in your platform so that you can be able to structure better campaigns in the future.


Change Of Website Link

Quick announcement: the site link has changed from to (yes, I have my own domain now, yay!).

No worries, if you access the site from the old link, it will redirect you to the current site.

Hope you enjoy the new look and feel. Happy reading!


The Journey Of A Simple Girl Is Now The Journey Of A Simple Mom

Hi people! After some thoughts, I have now officially changed the blog title from The Journey Of A Simple Girl to The Journey Of A Simple Mom.

I have been using the previous title throughout my previous blogs on other platforms since about 12 years ago.

The changes felt needed, due to the evolvement of my blog posts. My blog was previously a combination of travel & life journal. Now, it is focus on posts regarding parenting, blogging & social media.

As for travel, I have a separate blog for it, which is Travel With Love. The link is Travel With Love focuses on the journey of my husband and I regarding travel, food & movies.

Hope you enjoy both of these blogs, and I am planning to write on more topics in the future! 🙂

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Real Happy Mom Podcast Interview

Hey everyone! My interview with Real Happy Mom Podcast was aired today. Yayy!

Appreciate your support to listen at below link & drop some comments. Thank you!

Listen to Traveling with a Little One + Babywearing – Episode 2 from Real Happy Mom on Anchor:–Babywearing—Episode-2-e1otks

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The Joy Of Awesome Blogging and Managing Social Media With A Spirited Toddler

Introducing my toddler. Spirited, talkative, and everything in between. The video was taken when I was doing a task at my phone, and he came along to look, so I switched to selfie video mode.

You can imagine the situation of me typing on the phone, with him around. I can barely write a sentence.

So how did I manage to update my personal and travel blogs? And how did I manage social media for my clients? How was I able to accommodate attending podcast interviews with different time zone from the host?

1. It’s all about the mindset

I have a 9 to 5 job (in my case, it can even go from 8 to 8). I have a one-year-old toddler seeking my fullest attention when I got home. I have a husband to talk about the day with.

And guess what? Sometimes my toddler sleeps at 12am. And I have to wake up at 6am everyday.

Tired? Definitely! Give up? No!

2. Invest in a good smart phone

This is a must-have for all the entrepreneur mothers!

At this point of time, I am writing this article at 02:07am, with my toddler twist and turn from my left arm to my stomach, to my neck.

Yes, that’s how I work everyday.

3. Download the right apps

Slack enables me to communicate with other freelance writers to exchange problems or ideas.

Pages Manager helps me to manage my pages at ease.

TripIt helps me to organise my trip planning for travel writing.

The right apps will save your life!

4. Connect With Other Bloggers and Social Media Managers

Blogging and managing social media can be a lonely and tiring journey. Joining various social media groups will definitely boost your spirit!

One of my personal favourite is Social Media United. Such a fun group to learn and have discussions!

5. Rest well, and set tomorrow’s target

Rest is important, people. Once you achieved your target, set tomorrow’s goal. Then, have a good rest!

You will feel energized by morning, knowing what you want to achieve for the day.