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5 Pose To Make Moms Happier

by Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

We’re told as moms that the days are long but the years are short.

I 100% agree with that. I’m literally writing this while my 2 ½ year old son is napping in my lap and thinking, when did he get so big that he can barely fit into my lap?

The days really can feel painfully long sometimes, especially if you’re not setting aside time to take care of you.

I’ve created a quick yoga practice that you can do every day to boost your mood and maybe even feel a little happier on those especially long days.

The practice is just about 10 minutes long, with 5 simple yoga poses for you to do.

Don’t worry: this practice is intended for busy moms of at all levels of yoga practice. If you’re newer to yoga, I promise you’ll be just fine. The poses I’ve picked aren’t super challenging and I give lots of modifications if you need them. Also, the more you do these poses, the more familiar they will become, and the easier they will feel in your body.

So give yourself 15 minutes, roll out your yoga mat, and make a date with yourself so that you can feel a little more satisfied and have a little more bounce in your step on those long days of motherhood.

About Author

Naomi is a mom, a yoga teacher, a self-care advocate, an activist, and a total star trek nerd. I’ve been practicing yoga for 19 years and teaching for 14. She is known for my creative and intentionally sequenced yoga classes, as well as my belief that laughter, sound effects, and animal noises that correspond with their yoga poses make yoga more fun.
She loves avocados, unicorns, and has been called a “crazy indoor plant lady”

Website: http://www.conscioushealthymama.com

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3 Best Pregnancy Exercises That Will Make You a Fit Mom

By Tori Levine, creator of Mommy Barre

Ever wondered what exercises are safe during pregnancy or some quick and easy exercises for pregnancy you can do anywhere? Well, I’ve made up a list of the three best pregnancy exercises that will make you a fit mom based on my work with prenatal clients over the years. These exercises will keep you in shape and feeling good throughout your pregnancy and beyond!

Not only are these exercises great for pregnancy, they are great to do with your baby and for some quick strengthening and toning wherever you are!

  1. Squats – These are a great way to keep your legs strong so help support you as you gain the necessary weight during pregnancy and to help prepare you for birth.

How to perform a Squat – Stand with your feet a little further than hip-width apart. Inhale and as you exhalesqueeze your belly button to your spine and keeping your back flat, stick your rear back like you are about to sit on an imaginary chair. As you stand up engage your glutes (your buns) and keep your core tight and engaged until you are standing again. Repeat 10-20 times a few times a day.

Pro Tip: This is a great exercise that I often do while brushing my teeth.

  1. Clams – These exercises work your core and the muscles around your hips to help maintain stability in your pelvis and core.

How to perform a clam exercise – Lay on your left side with right shoulder and hip directly above your left shoulder and hip. Bend your knees so that your shoulders are in line with your hips and your feet. Inhale in this position. As you exhale lift your right knee toward the ceiling but be sure keep your hips and stacked on top of each other. Each time you lift your knee you should exhale and each time you bring your knees closed you can inhale. Your feet should stay together throughout the exercise. Complete 20 on each side.

Pro Tip: Don’t roll onto your back and then do a sit up to switch sides. Stay on your side and push yourself up sideways to avoid causing or exacerbating a diastasis recti. Watch our video on how to sit up the right way.

  1. Wall Push Ups – these are great to work your upper back muscles to help counteract postural changes that occur during pregnancy as well as after having baby.

How to perform a wall push up – Keeping your body straight place your hands on the wall in front of you. Walk you feet back a few small steps so you are slightly angled. Inhale and begin to bend your elbows and lower yourself toward the wall as you exhale and engage your core. Keep your core engaged and supporting your baby bump while you press your arms straight. Make sure your shoulders are pulled down and you are also engaging your upper back muscles between your shoulder blades. Repeat for 2-3 sets of 10.

Pro Tip: Start with your feet closer to the wall and as you get stronger you can begin to walk your feet further away from the wall. You can also do a set of 10 with your elbows out and parallel to the floor as well as a set of 10 with your elbows pulled tightly into your sides to work different muscles.

For a demonstration of these and more exercises you can do at home for pregnancy, with baby, and beyond subscribe to the Mommy Barre™ YouTube Channel and join our private community of supportive moms at www.facebook.com/groups/themommybarre.

About Author

As a certified pre/postnatal fitness educator, former dancer, and mom, Tori Levine developed Babies at the Barre™ to get moms back in shape without damaging their healing bodies. She has been featured as an expert in SHAPE, fitPregnancy, Parents®, and SELF Magazines. Babies at the Barre™ has grown into Mommy Barre™ which encompases, Bellies at the Barre™ (prenatal), Babies at the Barre™ (postnatal), Toddlers at the Barre®, and Moms at the Barre® so we can assist you during and long after your pre/postnatal seasons!

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